Data Stewardship | The privilege and responsibility of ensuring data quality and methodological rigor

White Paper

This white paper discusses the significance of Data Stewardship in ensuring the quality and methodological rigor of Real-World Data (RWD) and its transformation into Real-World Evidence (RWE) for healthcare research and regulatory decisions.

Download this white paper to get insights into:

  • Data Quality: Understand the importance of data quality in the context of RWD, including measures like completeness, plausibility, traceability, and interoperability. 
  • Methodological Rigor: Explore the key components of methodological rigor when using RWD to generate RWE, such as ensuring data fitness for specific research purposes, creating well-specified research protocols, and being transparent about study strengths and limitations. 
  • Role of Data Stewardship: Discover the role of Data Stewardship in managing RWD, including systematic data collection, transformation, de-identification, curation, quality testing, and statistical analysis.